The Future is NOW

Featuring 10 films and 6 shorts exploring what the future can be, the Cinema Unbound Drive-In at Zidell Yards welcomes guests to safely gather and experience the power that truly radical and entertaining cinematic storytelling can bring. This will be the first of many ways to change the archaic paradigm of what cinema can—and will—be. 

Each night, you will meet storytellers whose narratives spring from a wide variety of building blocks and backgrounds.  Some are first features, some are big-budget flix from those with storied creative careers. Some push boundaries in a future-forward way and some just make us flat out laugh and take us back to our youth. Some were made right here in the Northwest and the rest hail from New York, Hollywood, and representative communities everywhere. 

The films and art presented represent the pioneers out there, those who refused to let their creativity — and the creative expression of others—be bound by conventions.  People who pushed the boundaries in the past and those who are trying new things in this moment. They are timely and timeless – all stories that make us think, feel, heal, and reflect to help us see the world anew at this critical moment in time. All films are subject to change without notice.

Presented by MUBI

Ticketing and Discounts

NWFC members receive a $5 discount on each ticket purchased. Please email for details.

All tickets and concessions will be sold online, in advance ONLY. Purchase tickets here.

Tickets are $40 per car, $50 for trucks, vans, and SUVs, and $60 for Premium Seating. This includes a $5 per car site fee from Zidell Yards.

For questions about tickets please contact the Ticket Tomato customer service team at 1-800-820-9884 or

Drive-In Details

The Cinema Unbound Drive-In is located at The Zidell Yards, 3030 S. Moody Ave, Portland, OR 97201. GOOGLE MAPS

The gates at Zidell Yards open at 5:30 pm. All movies will start at 6:30 and will feature first-run, repertoire films, and features appropriate for children and adults. We will also feature a short film before each feature film.

You will be able to hear the audio through your car radio. Sound will be an in-car experience, over a limited FM transmission. You need an FM radio to hear the movies. Music will be provided by X-Ray FM prior to each screening and all films are subject to change without notice.

For up-to-date event information regarding weather and the Drive-In at Zidell Yards, please visit the event’s website. Please assume the show is on unless otherwise noted.

Feature films include


202105mar5:30 pm9:00 pmMinariDrive-in

202106mar5:30 pm9:00 pmSnowpiercerDrive-in

202107mar5:30 pm9:00 pmSorry to Bother YouDrive-in

202108mar5:30 pm9:00 pmEternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindDrive-in

202109mar5:30 pm9:00 pmThe Sticky Fingers of TimeDrive-in

202110mar5:30 pm9:00 pmChildren of MenDrive-in

202111mar5:30 pm10:00 pmThe MatrixDrive-in

202112mar5:30 pm10:00 pmNever Ending StoryDrive-in

202113mar5:30 pm9:00 pmIron GiantDrive-in

202114mar5:30 pm9:00 pmDuneDrive-in

Short films include


202105mar5:30 pm10:00 pmSassyBlack - “Fluidity”Drive-in

202106mar5:30 pm9:00 pmHard DiskDrive-in

202108mar5:30 pm9:00 pmCabin for TwoDrive-in

202110mar5:30 pm10:00 pmZombie WalkDrive-in

202112mar5:30 pm9:00 pmOld DogDrive-in