march, 2021

202110mar5:30 pm9:00 pmChildren of MenDrive-in

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The year is 2027, and for reasons not entirely clear (environmental tragedy? Bio-terror attacks? A vengeful god?), a human child has not been born in 18 years. Civilization has deteriorated; cities have burned, cultures have clashed, and Britain has sealed its borders in self-defense. Terror attacks are a daily occurrence, refugees are kept in Guantanamo-style camps, and the government holds onto any fragile normalcy with an iron fist. “The world has collapsed—only Britain soldiers on,” they announce. Amidst this desolation, an office drone finds his ennui shattered when an ex-girlfriend arrives with what is surely the only pregnant woman on earth, and a charge that he must help her group get this new mother to safety.

Alfonso Cuarón
R | 1h 49min | Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi | USA | 2006
Sci-Fi, Action

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Screens with the following short on March 10 at the Cinema Unbound Drive-In @ Zidell Yards
Gates open at 5:30 pm. Film starts at 6:30 pm.